This tool was created January 2022 while I was taking the Orton Gillingham training through IMSE. As a full time virtual teacher, I couldn't find a tool to do the 3 part drill. I felt doing the drill using cards over the camera was awkward. The best alternative was PowerPoint, but it was not flexible or adaptable. I wanted a tool where I could adjust which card I flipped based on what skill the child needed to work on.

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This tool is based on the Science of Reading, but it is not affiliated with it or any other publishers. For more information about the Science of Reading, check out these resources:

  • https://imse.com/
    • Institute for Multi-sensory Education
    • Great resource for training. Check out their new Interactive OG 2.0.
  • https://brainfriendlyreading.org/
    • Science of Reading based organization focused on creating educational equality
    • Focus on tapping chart, where children tap a card with the grapheme and matching picture (I call these grapheme images in the tool)